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Dark Sorcerer M2 by DRJBUZZ Dark Sorcerer M2 :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 0 My take on a new Fimfiction logo by DRJBUZZ My take on a new Fimfiction logo :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 0 Star Blazer concept - B-2 by DRJBUZZ Star Blazer concept - B-2 :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 0 DRJBUZZ/TBW compilation poster by DRJBUZZ DRJBUZZ/TBW compilation poster :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 3 Arrival poster by DRJBUZZ Arrival poster :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 1 0 Revenge of the harmony poster by DRJBUZZ Revenge of the harmony poster :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 2 0 The doctors hasty escape by DRJBUZZ The doctors hasty escape :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 4 0 Doctor Who Wallpaper by DRJBUZZ Doctor Who Wallpaper :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 1 2 Movie poster by DRJBUZZ Movie poster :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 0 *very cool title* by DRJBUZZ *very cool title* :icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 0
My little Dashie sequel chapter 3
Hello, my name is starkiller, and my story will be revealed shortly, but right now, there's a cyan pony with a rainbow tail and mane on my roof.
Yes, this Pony is Rainbow Dash, and, yes, this is earth, and no, i'm not a pony.
I just knew this would happen, there was no way to predict where the portal would take her, but she was half fortunate, half unfortunate to have landed, not just where, but when she did, from my knowledge, it has only been 10 years earth time since she left the first time, to return to Equestria, now, she could be here for the rest of her life, considering her friends have no way of knowing where or when she went.
I go up onto my roof, and sure enough, Rainbow Dash has her head stuck in a hole that's in my roof, only because she ran her head in to my roof, but that's not important, I help the pony out of the hole, into my house, and into the kitchen, Rainbow Dash was still mostly unconscious, hitting your head traveling 80k/hr+ is enough to knock anyone out.
I spl
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When Im Bored, this is the result
List of MLP:FIM related things the music i listen to makes me think of.
Song #1
Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix) - Skirled
Makes me think of.
song #2
Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf
Makes me think of
Rainbow Dash
Song #3
Mad World - Michael Andrews & Gary Jules - (Donnie Darko)
Makes me think of
Rocket to insanity Alt. ending
song #4
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
makes me think of
pinkie pie
Song #5
Ghost's n' stuff - Deadmau5
Makes me think of
My cupcakes Sequel fic. (Was the inspiration)
Song #6
Most other songs
Random Concert in ponyville
:icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 0 0
Cupcakes Sequel
Warning, This is Crap.
I am not going to paste any part of "Cupcakes", Mostly because I don't want to read any of it again.
You will need access to music. (Youtube has a cool feature, it's called search, it let's you look for videos, or music in some cases!)
Rainbow Dash's POV

Pinkie Pie thought I was gone, But the state I was in now, could do more damage than when I was alive, I just need the right "System" to break the silence.
You see, ghost's are invisible and silent, even harmless, unless they come across someone they need to "Take Care Of", but they need a way out of Limbo, if only for 4mins. and 47sec. but that's all they need to achieve their goal.
I knew the best way to do this, it would be simple, yet PERFECT!
"Cue Music!" I say, now abel to be heard by pinkie pie.
Pinkie Pie's POV
I Hear rainbow dash say "Cue Music", at first it makes no sense because, one, She's dead, and two, if she wasn't, why would she want music? But then, the song start's, and  I
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My little Dashie Sequel chapter 2
Rainbow dashes eyes narrowed as she prepared to go thru the portal, never to see her friends again.
"Rainbow, you know you don't need to do this" Twilight said, with deep concern in her voice.
"You say that, but you and me both know that that's not true." Rainbow dash replied.
She was right, they all knew it, only rainbow dash could last without her friends, she was strong, and willing, twilight was concerned about her tho.
"Rainbow dash, I know you feel you must do this, but there has to be another way!" Twilight pleaded.
Rainbow Dash just shrugged and said.
"I wish there was another way, but we all know that there isn't." Rainbow dash said to her friends.
"If you say so, we'll miss ya!" Applejack says with tears in her eyes.
"good bye, rainbow dash! *SOB**SOB**SOB*"said an emotionally overcome Fluttershy.
"I wish i could have at least thrown you a going away party!" Said a sad and tearful Pinkie Pie.
"I'm sure that, wherever you go, you'll meet some people to keep you company, and ke
:icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 1 0
My Little Dashie Sequel Chapter 1
Rainbow dash laid on her bed, sad as ever, it had been five years in equestrian time since rainbow dash had been brought back from earth, she had a hard time sleeping recently, strange dreams about a strange creature, calling her by pinkies pet name for her, dashie, and she called him by a name that she doesn't remember saying, ever in her life, daddy, the first few nights it made no sense, but after a whole month, just about all of her memories had been restored, thinking about any way back was pointless, one day in equestria was a whole year on earth, after just one year, her father would have been dead anyway.
"How could they?" rainbow dash thought to herself "I was happy, he was happy, and they just take me away from him, crushing his heart!"
When ponyvilles red alert alarm went of, it snapped rainbow dash out of her trance.
"What is going on?" rainbow dash said.
ponyville never raised the red alert alarm, even discord, or nightmare moon isn't enough to do that, maby a yellow, or o
:icondrjbuzz:DRJBUZZ 5 6
My little Dashie - nightmares
"good night dad" said rainbow dash as she walked up the stairs to her room.
"good night dashie" I said back to her.
It has been 12 years since I found her in that cardboard box on the street, her and I were happy as can be, for her birthday today, I gave her model airplane, she was so exited, I was so happy, because she was happy.
"I'll just get a drink of water before I go to bed" I said aloud what I was thinking.
I walk into the kitchen, get a glass out of the cupboard, and fill it with water, and drink the water before putting the glass in the sink.
I think it's time for me to go to bed too, it's only 9:30, but I was up early preparing the surprise for dashie, it was worth the extra effort.
As I head up the stairs, I check rainbows room, just to see if she actually went to bed, sure enough she did, only a few times did she not go to bed, I don't really need to check, I just do, to make sure she's safe.
I close the door to her room, and walk off to my bedroom, it's a nice room, maste
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Minecraft - Forest Wanderer by Sableron Minecraft - Forest Wanderer :iconsableron:Sableron 53 37 Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers Desktop Wallaper HD by motzaburger Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers Desktop Wallaper HD :iconmotzaburger:motzaburger 5 0 Spider Mable! by uncannyknack Spider Mable! :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 206 26 Face Off - Wallpaper by Mithandir730 Face Off - Wallpaper :iconmithandir730:Mithandir730 189 14 Twilight Mable and Shining Dipper by BlankPaperMind Twilight Mable and Shining Dipper :iconblankpapermind:BlankPaperMind 42 8 Who and Whooves by pyangpyang Who and Whooves :iconpyangpyang:pyangpyang 2,856 126 GET OFF MY PLANE by ThunderBreak GET OFF MY PLANE :iconthunderbreak:ThunderBreak 15 6 A mare never forgives by GlancoJusticar A mare never forgives :iconglancojusticar:GlancoJusticar 5,677 1,078 Chaotic Wedding by MrPoniator Chaotic Wedding :iconmrponiator:MrPoniator 2,779 575 Bass Canon Remake by 3P1CN1NJA Bass Canon Remake :icon3p1cn1nja:3P1CN1NJA 1 2 Pinkies 4th wall vacation by toongrowner Pinkies 4th wall vacation :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 392 101 Burn It To The Ground Twilight by PCS4DDT Burn It To The Ground Twilight :iconpcs4ddt:PCS4DDT 10 1
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Temporary Hiatus

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 4:31 PM
As you can probably guess, I haven't uploaded a new chapter for any of my active stories, and I have two reasons for it.

1.School - above and beyond, education comes first. Im sorry, but this is my first year of high school, and I want to get it right.

2.Writers Block - Lets face it, I have no idea where to go from here, I know where I want my stories to go. however, I don't know how to get them there.
I think reason one is contributing to reason two, but I'll keep you updated on when and if I plan to update my stories.

As well, to those of you who favourited my MLD sequel, I've officially decided to kill it, it was by far my worst story, and I'll never be able to live that down, but i've grown, and now my stories are much better written.
Thank you all for any constructive criticism, and/or compliments.
Sorry to all of you for making you wait, I know how you feel.

DRJBUZZ a.k.a. thebronywithin

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I like hockey, sonic t. Hedgehog, MLP:FIM, and other cartoons!

Favourite genre of music: ALL OF THEM
Favourite style of art: Almost All Of Them
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